Sir & Co brings the traditional barbershop experience back to Aldeburgh with a touch of extraordinary flair. When a man steps into a barbershop he expects an experience like no other. The slick feel which can only be created by the sharp blade of a straight razor. The buzz of chatter and clippers expertly used by barbers who are dedicated to perfecting their skills and the looks they create. The hum of the barbershop is an environment unlike any other.

Men all over the world, all share the same problem, stubble, and that’s only part of where we will help. You can forget stubborn stubble, bad skin, and just-got-out-of-bed hair. Our team of both male and female barbers will cut, style, fade, design and shave with passion, courage and integrity. Every gent should feel welcome and comfortable in our barbershop which is why our team will treat everyone that steps through our door, with patience and respect.

The most important part of what we do at Sir & Co is our Sirs. Sir & Co specialise in all types of hair cuts from the classic, short back and sides, to trending styles, fades, quiffs and wet shaves making us versatile to deliver great service with the highest attention to details to all gents.

Our team consist of our barbers: Janene, Tris, and Amanda!

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