Grooming your beard the Sir & Co. way

If you wear a beard, you’ve probably noticed at a certain point, as those whiskers grow longer, that keeping it clean, well kempt and fresh can start to become tricky. Fortunately, the expert team at Sir & Co Barbers are here to explain how, with a little care and attention, your winter chin-warmer can keep on looking, and feeling, great.

Whether you’ve always wanted to look like Uncle Albert, or are going for a trendy curled moustache with faded beard, you’re not alone. Because the last decade has given the 70s a run for its money in the beard wearing stakes, and it looks like facial fur is here to stay.

Meanwhile, at this time of year, it’s not uncommon to see those part-time beard wearers growing out their stubble. After all, there’s something to be said for insulating the lower half of your face from those chilly winter winds. However, the ugly truth is that same warm environment can also be home to undesirable bacteria, which when left unchecked can thrive in the warm shelter your beard hair presents. Throw in the occasional missed food crumb, and a dash of drink residue on your moustache for good measure, and you’ve unwittingly created a perfect environment for germs to spread.

But don’t panic, because if you don’t want to turn a goodnight kiss into a bad night’s sleep, there are several simple things you can do.

Show your ‘tache some TLC

Maintaining a stylish, hygienic and well-groomed beard isn’t so different from keeping the hair on your head in shape. A bit of washing alongside the application of a balm or oil, will go a long way towards keeping those germs at bay. In fact, there’s a whole industry of beard care products out there, so before you part with your money, feel free to pop into our Aldeburgh shop, and one of our stylists can show you some of the oils we use on our clients, and suggest something that will give your beard that extra lift.

We will also be able to recommend which of the man products on the market are effective, and those which may ultimately harm your facial hair. For example, we tend to advise staying clear of any oils which contain silicones, sulphates, and a number of other substances. These aren’t necessarily bad in the short term, but over time they tend to starve your beard of the nutrients it needs, and can mask split ends and dry hair… rather than help you avoid them. 

Oh, and don’t forget a good beard comb. This will help spread the natural sebum your beard produces, and ensure your beard gets that full, lush look. Of course, this will also help weed out any bacteria or crumbs that may have slipped the net.

Give your beard the Sir & Co. treatment

Whether you’re ready to style your luxuriant beard into something new, or you simply want a gentle trim, our expert barbering team will be happy to discuss with you what you want, and help you achieve a stylish new look. You’ll come out feeling clean, fresh and pampered. And at this time of year, nothing feels better.

Want to show your beard some love? Call Tris on 01728 454445 and book your appointment at our Aldeburgh barber shop today, or visit the website to find out more.

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