Clipper Cut £10

This is your traditional short back and sides, all done with clippers and trimmers. One grade all over.

Scissor Cut £15

Clipper work, with scissor work on top.

Scissor Cut with Fade £18

Clipper work, with scissor work to blend, but also includes either skin fades or normal fades where your cut is blended with clippers into the skin.

Cut & Style £20

Wash, cut and styled. The full works treatment to get you ready to leave looking like a true gentleman.

Lines & Specialist Work From +£5

An add on service to give you something to stand out fron the crowd.

Young Gents From £10

For Young Gents up to and including age 14.

Beard Trim £5

Something to keep your beard in shape, stopping it from going wild.

Beard Style £10

Our Barbers will talk to you and shave your beard into a style of your choosing.

Hot Towel Wet Shave £20

A luxury experience which includes facial exfoliation, opening the pores with a hot towel facial, and a shave with a cut throat razor.

The Sir Experience – Hot Towel Wet Shave & Cut and Style £35

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